“PCT 56 WATER REPELLENT TECHNOLOGY” was formulated in 1991 following a R&D venture when an AAC Mining Shaft  was threatened with closure due to extensive shaft concrete failure which effectively put the lives of underground personnel at risk.

The concrete failure was caused by excessive penetrating underground water that leached the cement from the concrete causing reduced mechanical failure at the areas where shaft guide equipment was fixed to the structure.

Subsequent improvements to the formulation was necessary and during November 2008 “PCT 56 WATER REPELLENT TECHNOLOGY” was submitted to the SABS for testing.

Several supporting products has subsequently been formulated, all containing PCT Technology.

 “PCT 56 WATER REPELLENT TECHNOLOGY” however ,remains the “flagship”.How PCT products work

We specialise in the following: Damp problems, Rising damp, Penetrating damp, Moisture problems, condensation, Wet walls, Pct56 Aguaflex, PCT Advance, PCT Extreme Brick & slasto, varnish Wood treatment, Paint failures due to moisture, Waterproofing and Water repellent.