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PCT 35 Polymer Modified Cementitious Primer is a 2
component primer for various concrete and cement
surfaces. It cures to a durable flexible, waterproof
coating impervious to negative and positive water

pressure.  PCT 35 contains synthetic fibres for superior tensile strength.


High solid close film formation resin Excellent adhesion on damp substrates Will not flake, peel or blister

Contains PCT WATER REPELLENT TECHNOLOGY which forms a crystalline water barrier once cured.


Economical Durable

Ready to use
Surface tolerant

Contains no toxic solvents

Impermeable to water or moisture Excellent mechanical properties

Ease of application. Can be brush, roller or sprayed applied.


Concrete roofs

Water retaining structures Plaster surfaces

Cement roof tiles
Retaining walls
Basements walls

Under tile waterproofing on balconies Showers and bathrooms floors


COLOUR                 Grey  (When mixed) SOLID CONTENT  63%

SG                            1.38-1.42

SOLVENT                Water based

SPR                          0.5-0.7 m² per Kg depending on

       surface porosity

WFT                        1 millimetre per coat

Zero after72 hours

TEMPERATURE   Maximum 38°C
                                Minimum 7°C

DRYING TIME    Touch dry after 4 hours @25°C
OVERCOATING      24 hours

FULL CURE             14 days

SHELF LIFE              6 months

POT LIFE                  3 hours after mixed

MIXING                      Stir well and frequently

SURFACE                  Moist

CLEANING                Potable water

PACKAGING             Part A : 1 x 20L Triple Lock Container

       Part B : 1 x 10L Triple Lock container


Add the powder component to the liquid component proportionally under mechanical agitation ensuring no lumps are formed. Continue mixing until a

homogeneous paste is achieved. Application by either trowel or brush can be achieved. Apply the product at a rate of 0.5-0.7Kg/m² (dependant on surface porosity) per coat. Apply alternating coats perpendicular in



Remove all dust, dirt or any foreign debris. Ensure that the surface is moist without the presence of pooling water. Apply one entire coat PCT 35 and leave 24

hours to cure. Care should be taken to ensure
adequate film thickness at corners. Ensure at least 75mm upturns are provided on all adjacent walls.
Apply two coats PCT HIGHBUILD WATERPROOFING WITH SYNTHETIC FIBRE or PCT AGUAFLEX allowing for drying town between coats.