DC Tronics cc t/a Marvel Coatings was established in July 2008 when Welman van Niekerk acquired the franchise from PCT (Pyramid Colour Technologies) to distribute the products of PCT and in particular PCT56 Water Repellent Technology in Guateng (excluding Pretoria) and Mpumalanga.

PCT was established in 1989 as a research and development body for specialized coatings and chemicals. The PCT 56 product was developed in 1991 in the mining industry to prevent further damage of the underground cement structures due to acid leaching the lime from the cement and causing mechanical degradation. After that the product was widely used in the industry for many years and some clients include:

�       Various mines in the Free State (housing departments)

�       Town house complexes

�       Bank buildings

�       Various mass housing projects

�       OR Tambo airport rehabilitation

�       Sun City

�       Lost City

�       Rand Water Board

�       Free State Water Board

In 2008 the product was developed more for the commercial market and the aim of PCT is to be Nationally available.


So far Marvel Coatings has distributed the PCT56 product to various hardware retailers such as:

�       Jacks Paints

�       MICA

�       Timber City

�       DIY paint depot


�       Build-it

�       Builders Market

�       BUCO

�       Dulux Paints

�       Various other private owned hardware retailers in Mpumalanga and Guateng.

This is only to mention a few.

Marvel Coatings is able to supply any retailer in these two provinces and is busy expanding the client base.

In the same way that we have a license to distribute PCT56 on behalf of PCT, so other franchises distribute in areas throughout South Africa. Some of the retailers currently being supplies by them include:

�       Elert Steel and Hardware

�       Dulux paints

�       Obaro

�       Chambirlins

Marvel Coatings aim to supply and support any retailer in our area and beyond by means of cooperation between different distributors and the head office of PCT.