During development construction and maintenance projects copious amounts of water is used during preparation of cement and concrete mixes. Water acts as the catalyst when added to the dry ingredients and also ensures that hydration takes place during curing. Complete cure is achieved after prolonged periods, depending on atmospheric humidity, thickness of plaster, and porosity and often result in downtime. Invariably, all projects are based on a time frame for completion. Downtime often leads to interference of the time frame. When premature painting is done to recover downtime, failures occur very soon after application. Seventy-one percent of all recorded paint failures are due to the presence of underlying water or moisture. “PCT X-TREME” will reduce downtime dramatically and prevent paint failures as it may be applied 8 hours after plastering and over coated after 12 hours.

“PCT X-TREME” replaces plaster primers and undercoats and will therefore lead to dramatic savings on paint usage.

You can apply PCT Xtreme and then go straight onto top coat.