PCT BRICK AND SLASTO VARNISH is a durable surface tolerant water based coating based on acrylic binders and PCT WATER REPELLENT TECHNOLOGY to achieve water repellent (hydrophobic) properties.

During the formulation stage emphasis was placed on durability and mechanical properties to ensure that the product will perform well in high traffic areas.

The product contains a technological advanced UV stabiliser to ensure that performance will not be sacrificed when applied to areas that are subjected to direct sunlight.

A truly remarkable product when compared to similar products currently available in the market. PCT  BRICK AND SLASTO VARNISH offer unique benefits which are distinguishing factors.

  • Economical

  • Low dirt retention    

  • No thinning required

  • Quick drying 

  • High solid content

  • Surface tolerant

  • Flexible

  • Water based 

  • UV stable

  • Excellent flow properties

  • Impermeable to water

  • Acid and alkali resistant

  • Mechanical resistance

  • Semi-gloss

  • Availability


Dust and dirt is easily removed by simply hosing with potable

Use as is.

Reduces application and maintenance time.

Actually reduces the amount of varnish required.

It will adhere to the surface even if some debris is trapped in crevices and corners

The product remains flexible for many years.

Contains no toxic pollutants or solvents. Simply wash equipment with potable water.

Will remain efficient for many years. No chalking or fading.

No expensive equipment required to apply.

Water is unable to penetrate the film.

Indestructable by chemical means

Able to carry severe traffic particularly on walkways and paths.

Aesthetic appeal.

Available nationally via 16 dedicated licensed distributors.