Features & Benefits 

A wide range of water and solvent based paint products and sealers are available in the market to prevent paint failures on moist areas caused by water penetration or dampness. Some of these products are of superb quality and contain synthetic fiber to add extra body or are used in conjunction with synthetic wool or membrane. However, these products are all based on generic polymer binders, are expensive and do not offer a permanent cure to the destructive properties of water, moisture or dampness. PCT WATER REPELLENT TECHNOLOGY is truly remarkable and has no similarity with any traditional paint products or waterproofing composites.

PCT WATER REPELLENT TECHNOLOGY cures by chemical reaction when subjected to atmospheric carbon gases and oxygen and resultant water repellent properties are permanent. “PCT 56 WATER REPELLENT TECHNOLOGY” IS THE ONLY TECHNOLOGY THAT OFFERS PERMANENT WATER REPELLENT PROPERTIES AND MAY BE OVERCOATED WITH PAINT!

Water, the most precious life supporting substance known to man is also the greatest destroyer of any age of house or building. In the form of dampness it can weaken or destroy brickwork, plaster, concrete foundations and lead to horrific paint failures.

PCT 56 WATER REPELLENT TECHNOLOGY is a chemical procedure to prevent the penetration of water or moisture by injection or surface treatment in any one of the following:

  • Rising damp
  • Penetrating damp
  • Condensation
  • Efflorescense
  • Gravity penetrating damp
  • Primer or undercoat
  • Bacteria and mildew

During application the chemical enters the cavities or capillaries in the substrate when it extracts oxygen from the carrier and in conjunction with atmospheric carbons crystallization takes place. A permanent  water impermeable barrier is created.



  • Ease of application

  • Water repellent        

  • Economical    

  • No thinning required           

  • Excellent flow properties

  • Impermeable to water

  • Acid and alkali resistant

  • Availability    

  • Over coating 

  • Primer

  • Application

  • Save on paint usage

  • Paint life extended

No expensive or sophisticated equipment required.

Water or moisture is unable to penetrate the surface.

A truly inexpensive product when considering application rates.

Use as is. Do not thin or reduce.

No expensive equipment required to apply.

Water or moisture is unable to penetrate the film.

Inorganic and permanent..

Available nationally via 16 dedicated licensed distributors.

May be over coated with any paint.          

An economical substitute for primers and undercoats

Application expenses reduced dramatically.

Reduced number of paint coats required.

Extends the life of paint dramatically.