PCT56 Water Repellent will stop the migration of water in any cementitious porous surface and is resistant to any acids or alkalines. PCT56 has zero surface tension and a very low viscosity allowing very quick and deep penetration into any porous surface were recombination with oxygen and carbon dioxide takes place and forms a permanent crystal that cannot be broken down by acids or alkalines. Penetration is 4-6mm into surface and it does not discolour the surface. The depth of penetration becomes the thickness of the protection barrier and therefore performs better than other damp sealer products that only adhere to the surface. PCT56 can be applied interior and exterior and can handle positive and negative pressure and leaves the surface with no breath ability. Now we can stop rising damp, penetrating damp, delaminating/peeling paint, efflorescence, freeze-thaw damage and many more harmful effects of water.

PCT56 is very resilient against the mechanical stresses of traffic and high pressure washing and is also UV resistant.

The main advantage of PCT56 over other products are:

·         no colour change to the surface

·         no texture change to the surface

·         easily applied

·         low cost for the technology

·         properties are permanent

·         treated surfaces can be painted with any paint

·         resistant to acids and alkali

·         UV resistant

·         un-equalized technology

When used as a base coat prior to painting it gives you the peace of mind that moisture rising in or passing thru the wall will not reach the paint and cause damage. Prevention is better then cure! When applied by means of a spray applicator it also reduces time taken for applying a base coat and can significantly reduce labour cost and also shows a saving on paint.

Typical Applications:

·         Cement structures

·         Cement and clay bricks

·         Plastered Walls

·         Asbestos Surfaces

·         Pre-cast Walling

·         Full face bricks

·         Wall and floor tiles

·         Slate tiles

·         Travertine

·         Granite

·         Porcelain

·         Marble

·         Sandstone

·         Limestone

·         Rock art

·         Water features

·         Cement features and pottery

·         Bathrooms and showers

Marvel Coatings have a repair procedure that can be implemented on foundations and walls suffering from rising damp. This involves drilling a series of small wholes in the surfaces such that PCT56 may be accumulated in the wholes and allow for gradual absorption by the material to eventually saturate the substrate. Once PCT56 has cured it will prevent future moisture migration.


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can pct56 be sprayed onto damp facebrick in a underground wine cellar